Bag Cushion


Protect the cradle of your trolley from the damage that can be caused by the metal poppers on golf bags and give your bag an extra level of comfort with the X Series Bag Cushion.

Made from a silicone-based material, the bag Cushion secures to your X Series main support and provides a soft layer between your bag and trolley to also reduce movement and vibrations.

Fitting the Bag Cushion will require an electric drill and a 6mm drill piece.


  1. Align the Bag Cushion on the main support ensuring it is seated correctly and centred. The angled edge should face upwards.
  2. Once you are happy the cushion is centred, use tape to secure its position.
  3. Lightly drill a marker through each hole of the Bag Cushion.
  4. Remove the Bag Cushion and using the markers you have just made, drill through. Do not drill deeper than 10mm to avoid damage to internal structures.
  5. Place Bag Cushion on the main support again. Align the holes to match and then secure the cushion using rivets provided.

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