X/F Series Hedgehog Wheels

Improve wet weather performance of your Stewart remote controlled machine with our new V3 Hedgehog wheels. 

Designed to lower the level of interaction between your trolley and the golf course, reducing the damage caused during wet or frosty conditions.

Stewart Golf have tested the new V3 wheel set (developed in conjunction with Hedgehog) and the results are excellent. As well as a reduced weight from the previous model we have also reduced the surface area in contact with the course. The wheels give a significant increase in traction which in turn improves steering and overall control.

Stewart Golf X/F Hedgehog Wheels:

  • Package contains 2 large rear wheels.
  • Suitable for X1, X3 , X5, X7, X9 and F1 Lithium models of all ages. Not suitable for X1M or X3M.
  • X1 & X3 models require V3 Conversion Kit
  • Rear wheels can be easily fitted with the quick release mechanism, front wheels require fitting (instructions supplied)
  • Durable rubber spikes on rear wheels
  • Reduces damage to your golf course
  • Avoid winter / wet weather trolley bans (according to local rule)
  • Increase traction and steering precision in wet conditions

The conversion kit

To purchase the V3 Wheel conversion kit please click here.

The conversion kit consists of replacement drive dogs for the rear wheels of the unit. Existing X3R trolleys come with a 2 tang drive dog which is not strong enough to support the motion of the new wheels. These will need to be replaced with the 4 tang drive dogs which will hold the wheels firmly in place. Please see the video below for instructions on how to replace the drive dogs.

The X/F Hedgehog Wheels are ONLY designed for use in wet weather conditions or where there is significant give in the ground. They are specifically NOT designed for year-round use and will wear out quickly if used on hard surfaces.

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